Alternative Movie Posters II (2016)

alternative movie posters II

Earlier last year I had the chance to read Alternative Movie Posters, a collection of movie posters made by artists from around the world. Some were commissioned pieces for special screenings or special packaging on a dvd release and some of them were from larger collections by the artist exhibited in galleries. The book was a visual feast so I was excited to find out that a second volume was forthcoming. It was worth the wait.

The second volume works as a fantastic companion piece to the first. We get once again full color reproductions of the pieces along with information about the artist and a short Q & A for every single one. Again the art styles vary dramatically from cartoony to minimalist to heavily detailed, from modern to retro and everything in between. There is enough variety here that you will find some fantastic work that will demand to be on your wall. Of course the large variety also means that some of the work didn’t blow my socks off but different strokes for different folks. The good outweighs the bad for sure and since art is subjective your “good” may be my “bad.”

The book is lovingly assembled and continues the work laid down in the first volume. It does not feel like a rehash of the first one but an extension and a well curated one at that. To put it simply, if you dug the first volume, pick this one up too. If you haven’t, picked up the first volume then pick up either one or even better yet, both. If you enjoy looking at movie posters, especially by modern artists, you can do wrong with either book.