Braineater Jones (2014)


Last weekend I took a long trip to visit a friend. On trips such as these it really helps to have something interesting to listen to when you have to drive alone. It just so happened that Stephen Kozeniewski emailed me about his new book Braineater Jones that was available from Perfect! Now I had something to listen to and keep me entertained. The problem? It was a zombie book and I’ve made it pretty clear that zombies have worn out their welcome with me unless the work has something new to offer. Thankfully Braineater Jones isn’t just another zombie apocalypse book.

Braineater Jones tells the story of a man that wakes up one day, dead. He doesn’t know who he is or was or why he was killed. In fact he doesn’t even have any clothes, just a bullet hole. It’s up to him to figure out the mystery that is his new un-life.

The book, which takes plays in 1934 Chicago, is a whole bunch of gumshoe fun! I had a great time listening to the book the whole way up and the whole way back on my trip. There are some novel innovations in the book (for instance the ghouls have to drink large quantities of alcohol to keep their brains properly pickled), and a whole host of interesting characters and situations. The way the book was read made it seem like I was watching a film the whole way up, the images vivid in my mind. I love crime/detective stories and blending the hard boiled private dick with zombies works very well here. It’s the type of story that begs for sequels and hopefully the author will supply them to us. The book never strives for any amount of seriousness and simply tries to entertain. it succeeded big time for me. Don’t worry though, the book isn’t a comedy, nor is it filled with cheesy puns or goofy characters. It’s a well told tale that’s meant to make the reader smile.

On a more serious note my drive back was a perilous one. I was very ill and decided to drive back early hoping to get home and get some solid rest.  The book kept my attention up so I never got drowsy behind the wheel. It sounds silly but thank goodness for this book, without it I may not have made it back in on piece!

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