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Toxic Graveyard Podcast #3 Maniac!

It’s that time again folks. Episode 3 is live and ready for you. This time we cover Maniac (2012) starring Elijah Wood. Did we like it? Did we hate it? Give a listen to find out here.

Toxic Graveyard Podcast #2!

Hey there fiends and foes we’ve got a fresh episode of the Toxic Graveyard Podcast! In this episode we cover the John Carpenter classic Prince of Darkness. Download it here.

Toxic Graveyard Podcast Episode #1: The Pit (1981)

Hey fiends and freaks we’ve got a fresh episode of the Toxic Graveyard podcast! This time we review The Pit (1981) and both Uncouth and Jose were new to the film. Download here and enjoy!

Toxic Graveyard Podcast #0

Hello dear readers I have decided to pull the Toxic Graveyard podcast out of retirement and start fresh with episode #0 with my co-host Jose. It’s been 3 years almost exactly since I did one last so I figured it was time. We review Riddick (2013) and Elysium (2013) sitting outside at our local Drive-In […]

Toxic Graveyard Episode 8!

Well it’s that time again fiends and foes, episode 8 is here. This time we have Josh Schafer, editor in chief of Lunchmeat Magazine, a magazine dedicated to VHS and resurrecting obscure gems. We talk about the magazine, vhs collecting in general and why tapes rule. Enjoy it here. Check out Lunchmeat’s myspace here.

Sacramento Sci-Fi & Horror Convention Podcast 7

What!? Another podcast? That must be some kind of record here. In this week’s podcast we have Jason Dube from the Sacramento Sci-Fi and Horror Convention talking about how awesome this year’s con will be, his comic series Scattered Comics and why horror rules so much. Check it out here. And check out the 3rd […]

Tara Cardinal in Podcast Episode 6!

That’s right loyal readers we are proud to present the Toxic Graveyard podcast episode 6! In this installment we speak with actress Tara Cardinal! We talk about her upcoming appearance at the 3rd annual Sacramento Sci-Fi and Horror Convention September 25th-26th, her upcoming films, the trials and tribulations of indie filmmaking and why she loves […]

Podcast Episode 5!

It’s that time again, the new episode is here! This time we have Christine, the co-editor of Paracinema magazine. We talk the new issue, the history of paracinema and her personal favorites. Enjoy it here.

Podcast 4?!

Yes, that’s right friends and fiends Toxic Graveyard Podcast #4 is already up and ready for your listening pleasure. This episode we have Patrick Macias, Editor-in-chief of Otaku USA magazine as well as the host for the Tokyoscope speaking series at Viz Cinema in San Francisco. We talk about the upcoming Kaiju event as well […]

Podcast Episode 3!

This time around we have Mika from San Francisco’s New People / Viz Cinema! She talks about this great theater/store dedicated to Japanese culture and film. Check it out here. Photo courtesy of New People.