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The Basement Released!

We here at Toxic Graveyard are very excited to announce a new collection from Camp Motion Pictures called The Basement. Check the trailer below! Camp Motion Pictures, the home entertainment company specializing in 80’s and 80’s-style DIY cinema, unleashes a terrifyingly cool micro-budget cinema collection of five feature films in an exclusive VHS Collector’s Package […]

Very Funny.

I had to post this because it’s so damn true and hilarious. Enjoy your work day.

Lack of posts

Sorry for the lack of posts. Times are tough and freelancing sucks. Working 11-13 hours a day also blows. But here, let me offer a token of appreciation for you, my loyal visitor. NEW Japanese GORE flicks! Woot. Here’s some trailers for some upcoming gore fests. Please, enjoy. From the directors of the Machine Girl […]


From the creators of The Machine Girl, Tokyo Gore Police, and Meatball Machine comes the newest splatter exploitation flick Robogeisha!

Dead Snow (2009)

The hype-machine was out in full force for Norwegian zombie flick Dead Snow. Personally, I’m tired of the zombie film genre. There’s been little innovation and way too much mediocrity. I loved [Rec] but other then that I’ve been left wanting something new. From all the hype around Dead Snow, you’d think we were getting […]

New Extreme Serbian Film just announced that the film, Serbian Film (which is indeed Serbian, and a film) will be showing at the FanTasia Film Festival this year along with other selections from Serbia to form a special panel of films from the country. WARNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The trailer for Serbian Film is very extreme and contains graphic sexual content, […]

Lo Out on DVD

Lo out on dvd! Winner of several awards, looks pretty dang interesting. check out the trailer.