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The Basement Released!

We here at Toxic Graveyard are very excited to announce a new collection from Camp Motion Pictures called The Basement. Check the trailer below! Camp Motion Pictures, the home entertainment company specializing in 80’s and 80’s-style DIY cinema, unleashes a terrifyingly cool micro-budget cinema collection of five feature films in an exclusive VHS Collector’s Package […]

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Very Funny.

I had to post this because it’s so damn true and hilarious. Enjoy your work day.

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Lack of posts

Sorry for the lack of posts. Times are tough and freelancing sucks. Working 11-13 hours a day also blows. But here, let me offer a token of appreciation for you, my loyal visitor. NEW Japanese GORE flicks! Woot. Here’s some trailers for some upcoming gore fests. Please, enjoy. From the directors of the Machine Girl […]

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From the creators of The Machine Girl, Tokyo Gore Police, and Meatball Machine comes the newest splatter exploitation flick Robogeisha!

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Dead Snow (2009)

The hype-machine was out in full force for Norwegian zombie flick Dead Snow. Personally, I’m tired of the zombie film genre. There’s been little innovation and way too much mediocrity. I loved [Rec] but other then that I’ve been left wanting something new. From all the hype around Dead Snow, you’d think we were getting […]

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New Extreme Serbian Film just announced that the film, Serbian Film (which is indeed Serbian, and a film) will be showing at the FanTasia Film Festival this year along with other selections from Serbia to form a special panel of films from the country. WARNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The trailer for Serbian Film is very extreme and contains graphic sexual content, […]

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Lo Out on DVD

Lo out on dvd! Winner of several awards, looks pretty dang interesting. check out the trailer.

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