Cathy’s Curse (1976)


Severin Films is a distributor I always keep an eye on. They always do a fantastic job restoring the films they release and loading them up with special features. They dig deep to find funky flicks that more often than not have been forgotten by most. Canadian film Cathy’s Curse is one such film. Languishing on budget releases and multi-movie megapacks sourced from muddy VHS tapes, fans of the film can finally see what the movie was meant to look like thanks to this new Blu release.

Cathy’s Curse is about the Gimbles,  family of three that move into the father’s ancestral estate. The wife has recently had a nervous breakdown and so time away from the hustle and bustle of the city in the calm country is meant to be a soothing balm on her shattered nerves. That is until their daughter Cathy starts acting creepy and bizarre things start happening in the house. Is it Cathy? Or is it the Gimble house that is the source of the terror? Will anyone make it out alive?

I know this Omen/Exorcist rip-off has plenty of fans. I know it’s reputation has survived it’s terrible releases but for me, it just didn’t work. The film felt too threadbare and slight. Sure, spooky stuff happens but it all feels very chaste and not very scary. Perhaps in the 70’s it was really freaky, i don’t know. Maybe i’m too jaded but most of the scary scenes had me shrugging my shoulders. I had a hard time paying attention to the movie, I found myself lost in thought and having to re-focus on the movie. That’s not a good sign. I had a hard time caring about the characters or being frightened by Cathy. I should point out though that scary kid flicks do very little for me in general, even the bigger names in the genre. I just don’t find kids scary in any way. Annoying, sure. But scary? Not so much. Fans of the creepy kid genre may find more to chew on here, but for me it was forgettable. Nothing about the movie jumped out at me. None of the actors, the modest effects, the vibe, the direction, the music, none of it. It felt like a flick put together with a modest budget with modest expectations at the box office. Again, this movie has fans, I’m just not one of them. It doesn’t stink, it’s just not memorable.

Severin did a great job restoring the movie however. I know for a fact it has always suffered from terrible releases so this new polished presentation will probably be colossal for fans of the film. Special features include two cuts of the film, cast interviews, audio commentary and a trailer for the film.

If you dig creepy kids or Canadian films, Cathy’s Curse might be for you. To me it was bland, workmanlike, and unmemorable.