Colony (1995)

Back here again with some more DIY horror. You’d think after The Basement release I would have gotten my fill, but no. I can’t seem to get enough of homegrown horror, and Colony certainly fits that bill.

Seemingly shot in the late 80s/early 90s I have no idea of its true production date as there is no info on the dvd , which to this horror hound is awesome. The less I know about a film, the better. I love the mystique. Anyway, on to the film! A nice married couple working in a genetics lab are on their way to a major breakthrough but their test subjects keep mutating. See each of their limbs gain the ability to become autonomous and in the world of genetic engineering, removable killer limbs are a major no-no. It scares investors and small children. As it turns out Mr. Husband has been cheating on Mrs. Wife and when she finds out she sprays him in the face with the serum! Now Mr. Husband has to find a cure while trying to satisfy his voracious limbs with human meat.

Shot on super 8, then dubbed onto VHS and copied onto DVD, the film is dirty, gritty, and sickly looking. The color palette looks as if the dub got jaundice and turned a invalid yellow, in desperate need of some vitamins and a day in bed. The film is cheesy, silly, and has some great micro budget creature/limb effects that just add to the camp and fun factor. That and his vag looking mouth the dude grows on his stomach, an obvious ripoff of Videodrome. Not a gore flick by any means, it’s still entertaining in the way only poverty stricken flicks can do it.

Colony fits right in with films like Things, The Basement, The Dead Next Door, and other micro-budget bits of insanity. A grimy little romp indeed.

Gore: Light

Nudity: None

Overall: 7/10