Dario Argento By James Gracey

I love Dario Argento. My first exposure to his work was by chance. It was late at night on IFC and I happened upon a bizarre film with striking colors set in a girls school. It was so unique with incredible camera work and beautiful and brutal murders. The film of course was Suspiria and that began my interest in Argento and in the whole Italian film canon as well as 70’s exploitation films in general. Dario Argento had been the ambassador to a time in film history that I had completely overlooked. I went out and watched all the films I could get my ┬áhands on and still love the maestro’s work.

Dario Argento by James Gracey is a wonderful resource for all of us Argentophiles. It includes a brief biographical background on him but the book focuses on every single film Argento worked on. All of em. Including the films he produced! Included is a complete listing of the actors,writers,producers etc, a detailed synopsis, background on the production, comments, style/technical details, music, themes, and a final verdict FOR EVERY FILM. It’s incredible. The amount of detail, information and analysis is astounding. Beyond that the book is a treasure trove of info on his filmography I had no idea about. Did you know that Argento did an Italy only comedy after Cat of Nine Tails? I didn’t! Its always a pleasure to learn more about the films you love and the directors you admire. If you appreciate Dario Argento, the godfather of the giallo, do yourself a favor. Pick up James Gracey’s book. And while you’re at it, check out his website bloodsprayer.com


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