Dream Stalker / Death By Love (2017)


Intervision has built up a reputation for finding all manner of unique, trashy, and little seen genre cinema. From their gore-tastic release of The Burning Moon, to their low-fi WTF film Things, to their sexploitation flicks, they have unearthed some very interesting and entertaining films. They also gave a proper release to shot-on-video horror film Sledgehammer on a very early release from the company. Intervision has gone back to the well of low-budget, shot-on-video horror with their double feature Dream Stalker (1991) & Death by Love (1990).

Dream Stalker is about a young woman and her love for her dirt bike riding boyfriend. She loves to see him compete and he loves her dearly. An unfortunate dirt bike-related accident kills said boyfriend and now his lady love is crushed. She’s also having freaking dreams where she see’s her mutilated boyfriend killing people. Or are they just dreams? The people she sees murdered by her boyfriend end up being dead at the end of her violent dreams. Is it her boyfriend back from the grave or are her dreams homicidal?

Of the two films this is the better flick. It features some low-rent but fun make-up effects, bad acting, worse music, and it blatantly rips off Nightmare on Elm Street only without all that pesky budget, talent, and cohesive plot. On paper this seems like it would be a great film to watch with friends for a bad movie night. It has all of the hallmarks of a good bad flick but for me, it didn’t pan out that way. The movie just didn’t grab me and instead i had trouble sitting through it. The movie lacked anything bonkers or extreme. It also lacked the poor directorial/script decisions that often make regional films so much fun to watch with friends. Honestly the movie is pretty middle of the road. It’s adept enough that it doesn’t have any really silly moments, but too conservative to push it over the top. That being said it’s a solid flick for viewers that love SOV flicks, just don’t expect anything bizarre or memorable. It’s a journeyman horror flick that does what it sets out to do and does so frugally and competently. It doesn’t suck, but it doesn’t wow either.

Death By Love is about a guy who loves to make really bad sculptures of naked ladies and get paid the big bucks to do it. He’s suave, muscled, rich, and every woman he meets wants to get into his pants. All is not what it seems when he leaves a string of ladies behind him, murdered. Is he the killer? Or is there a psycho killer on his trail, killing all the women whom he sleeps with?

Death By Love also sounds like a perfect film for friends, on paper at least. The sculptor who every lady wants to bump uglies with is the director of the film. He also wrote and produced the movie. Vanity flicks like this are often chock full of fun (check out Road to Revenge for arguably the best vanity laugh fest out there). It isn’t though. The movie moves slowly and we get plenty of footage of the director humping in the movie but the murders are weak, the pacing slow, and the dialogue unimaginative. It’s a total stroke fest for the director for sure but it just feels bland. Again everything feels very workman like and for lack of a better word: beige. The scenery is beige, his hair is beige, the buildings are beige, and the vibe of this movie is beige. Not bombastic, over the top, or incompetent enough to have much fun with. It’s just there, like an uncle’s somewhat interesting but ultimately time wasting stories.

I was hoping these would both be fantastic flicks as Intervision usually delivers the goods, but for me, they’re both misses. If you are a SOV enthusiast then these are probably solid flicks, for the rest of us dabblers in the world of SOV, these flicks aren’t essential.