House of Mortal Sin (1975)


I’ve been a fan of British director Pete Walker for several years now. He made a series of horror flicks in the 70’s (and one in the 80’s)  that were well written, tightly plotted, and very well acted. His films aren’t known for being graphic gorefests because the censors at the time wouldn’t allow it but that didn’t stop distributors from selling his films like they were Italian gut munchers. This has led to many a fright fan being let down by the film but if you know going in you’re not going to get anything particularly graphic then they truly are a great run of films. House of Mortal Sin is one such film.

House of Mortal Sin is about a young girl who is very confused. She has an asshole boyfriend and decides to go to church to see if an old friend of hers is there and eventually goes into confession. There she meets the villain of the story a pushy old priest who becomes obsessed with her and with killing everyone around her that is leading her astray!

I loved this flick! The priest is so damn wicked and the actor chews the scenery beautifully. His assistant is played by Pete Walker regular Sheila Keith and she is also superb in her role as a wicked woman with a blacked out eyeglasses lens. Together they’re great to watch as each actor tries to outdo each other in their malice-dripping performances. We actually do get a bit grue in this one too which was a surprise. We get some rather nasty murders but the real star of the show is the great performances. The film is well paced and written and like so many other Walker films, a real joy to watch. His films are actors films, giving them plenty of room to shine and they certainly do here.

The Blu-ray print looks GREAT. I can’t believe how clean and clear the print is. There are times when the film looks like it was made just yesterday with it’s crisp picture and clear color palette. Though the costumes are a dead give away, this is a 70’s flick all the way.

If you are a fan of Pete Walker this is an easy pick up. It’s a great film and it’s been lovingly restored and released.