Killer Cop (1975)

killer cop

Eurocrime films have been reviewed here but not en masse. It’s a genre that has yet to find it’s rabid cult fan base. The films were plentiful but their reach was shallow as American cinema continued to dominate box offices here in the states (and still do) and the genre was pretty much dead by the time the VHS boom hit in the 80’s. It’s a sad case where the genre was born too early and burned out too soon. Many of the heavyweight films were never even released here or were only released in rundown slapdash vhs dubs a decade after they were originally released. Rarovideo has been fighting the good fight to get some of the more obscure flicks out there. Killer Cop is one of them.

Killer Cop is about a terrorist bomb that goes off in the wrong place. What was meant to be a warning turned deadly when the bomb goes off in a crowded hotel lobby. Now the coppers are on the hunt for the gang that murdered the innocent.

Unlike most of the other eurocrime flicks I’ve watched this one features the terrorist angle which for me made the film feel more like a thriller than a gritty action flick. There are indeed some fun action sequences including the thunderous ending but the vibe of this one differs a bit. Sure it’s got a detective at the end of his rope getting his ass chewed by his superiors for sticking his nose in where it doesn’t belong but it lacks the tough bad guys to match. The terrorist group is sort of pathetic and not entirely menacing, especially the guy who actually dropped the bomb, the one they are searching for the hardest. This doesn’t mean the film is a failure though, it just oozes a different stink than the usual eurocrime setup.

The Blu-ray itself once again looks great. Raro have yet to let me down on any of the releases I’ve seen. The picture is crisp and I couldn’t stop marvelling at how great it looks at certain points. The Blu-ray also comes with an extensive booklet about the philosophy of the genre, and includes the English as well as Italian audio track.

Killer Cop would not be the first film to dive into eurocrime with. I’d recommend The Big Racket but if you’ve seen a chunk of them then this is a nice addition to the pile.