Splintered Visions (2015)

Splintered Visions

In that annals of horror cinema Lucio Fulci is a giant name when it comes to sleaze and gore. For many of us he is the first touchstone into the wild word of Eurohorror, led there by promises of uncompromising vision and boat loads of red stuff. From there the world of Eurohorror and more specifically Italian exploitation cinema, is cracked open wide. Fulci is the gate keeper, the carnival barker that gets you into the tent to see the world of exotic and extreme cinema. Unfortunately many film fans check out his pantheon films (Zombie, The Beyond, City of the Living Dead), but neglect his extensive catalog of films from all genres.

Splintered Visions sets out to inform the world of cult film fans of Fulci’s incredible filmography and does so with an encyclopedian gusto. The book covers Fulci’s entire career and I mean that. We get extensive information about how he began his career and there are several pages dedicated to his early work as a screenwriter (also including his later screenplays too) and then goes on to begin with his very first film until his very last work, skipping nothing. Fulci made comedies, gialli, westerns, crime, adventure films and more. He dabbled in nearly every corner of cinema. I knew he had done a lot of work but I honestly had no idea just how many films he made during his lifetime. Many of the films are still unavailable in the US and may never see release here so this is the only place where you’ll get a chance to learn more about them. Each entry (listed in the order he made them) has extensive notes on cast/crew as well as a synopsis and a very lengthy review of the film. Included are quotes from people who worked on the film and there are a bevy of interviews with actors/crew that were conducted specifically for this book. Posters, screen shots and lobby cards are also included in every single review as well. Splintered Visions is totally comprehensive on every level.

It’s clear the book was painstakingly researched to provide the maximum amount of information for every entry in it. The book is massive, in depth, well organized, and thorough. This is the book that Fulci fans have been wanting for years. I can’t recommend it enough. If you’re into Fulci’s films, you cannot go wrong with picking up this book. It will give you all the information you crave and more.