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Murderlust (1986)

Intervision Picture Corp. is an interesting company. Somehow tagentially related to the well regarded Severin Films, Intervision picks up all the obscure detritus hiding under rocks. They’ve released such films as the low-fi Canadian head scratcher Things, the equally lo-fi Canadian gem Phobe,  the early German gorefest Burning Moon, final film from Bruno Mattel Zombies: […]

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Blue Movie (1979)

Sex plays a large part in our lives. We go out in the world to seek a person with which to spend the rest of our lives with and along the way many of us get caught up with a wide variety of relationship types. Some of us get into what most would consider to […]

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Thirst (1979)

There’s a special place in my cinematic heart for Australian film. Ever since I saw The Road Warrior at a young age (and then endlessly on cable) I’ve been fascinated with the country’s output. Whenever I read an article or review about an interesting film from the land down under I usually try to track […]

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