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Dream Stalker / Death By Love (2017)

Intervision has built up a reputation for finding all manner of unique, trashy, and little seen genre cinema. From their gore-tastic release of The Burning Moon, to their low-fi WTF film Things, to their sexploitation flicks, they have unearthed some very interesting and entertaining films. They also gave a proper release to shot-on-video horror film […]

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Cast A Deadly Spell (1991)

As a fan of H.P. Lovecraft’s work I have to lament the lack of quality of films based on his work, for every Re-Animator, there’s a dozen Cthulu Mansions out there, making the films a minefield to navigate. Pick the wrong one and you’re stuck with 90 min of snooze. Cast A Deadly Spell is […]

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