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Fist 2 Fist (2011)

Growing up as kid in the 90’s, I devoured action movies by the fist full. I was always searching for that magical action flick that would deliver everything I craved: mostly lots of fighting. I fell in love with the top tier films as most boys did but I also enjoyed the lower budgeted films […]

The Rock Hole (2011)

I’m friends with Joe R. Lansdale on Facebook (don’t get jealous he accepts everyone). A while back he posted that he rarely gives quotes for authors but that he read a book by Reavis Z. Worthham and loved it. In his words he said Reavis was the real deal. Having devoured anything Lansdale has written […]

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Elevator (2011)

I have a soft spot for indie flicks that take place in a single room/house/location. From a writing standpoint, it’s really hard to pull off an engaging, entertaining, film with limited characters and locations, hence why you’ll never see Transformers: The Cabin in the Woods. Films of this nature hinge on a believeable script and […]

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