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The House on Straw Hill (1976)

I really appreciate labels that dig deep to find funky flicks for us cinephiles to enjoy. I’m tired of the constant stream of re-releases and re-packing of the same old films. I got into film to discover the hidden and obscure, turning over rocks, digging into old video stores. It’s quite easy for a company […]

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Hands of the Ripper (1971)

Hands of the Ripper, as with many Hammer films is set during the Victorian era. The daughter of Jack the Ripper witnesses the ripper attack and murder her mother which leaves her mentally scarred. She is then adopted by a charlatan posing as a medium and uses the girl to help her fake her seances. […]

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The Pyx (1973)

Yet another solid dvd from Scorpion Releasing, The Pyx is a lost Canadian devil cult flick. Starring Karen Black and a very young Christopher Plummer, The Pyx is about a hooker’s mysterious death and the police investigating it. The film starts out with Elizabeth (Karen Black) falling from the roof of an affluent apartment building […]

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