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Pieces (1982)

When I was a kid roaming the aisles of my local mom & pop video store I used to always look at Pieces. It had some very provocative cover art that suggested it was gory, filled with nudity, and the box proclaimed You don’t have to go to Texas to have a Chainsaw Massacre! Talk […]

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Back in the 80’s and early 90’s there was a huge demand for new content that video stores could purchase and put on their shelves, filling their store with all sorts of wonderful films for customers to enjoy. The trouble was, tapes in those days were incredibly expensive. Little mom & pop shops didn’t have […]

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Curtains (1983)

Curtains has been on many many wish lists over the last 15 years, since DVDs became widely available. Every year one horror magazine or another puts out a top 10 list of forgotten or lost films that have yet to make the jump to dvd. Curtains is almost always on those lists. Many people grew […]

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Nightmare City (1980)

Italian Splatter. We all love it and we all need more of it in our lives. Umberto Lenzi a director responsible for sleaze classics like Cannibal Ferox, Eaten Alive, and Seven Blood-Stained Orchids, helms this zombie-ish flick. Nightmare City is about a plane full of infected folks going on a rampage. If you’re bitten you […]

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Toxic Graveyard Podcast Episode #1: The Pit (1981)

Hey fiends and freaks we’ve got a fresh episode of the Toxic Graveyard podcast! This time we review The Pit (1981) and both Uncouth and Jose were new to the film. Download here and enjoy!

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Creeptales (1986?)

As my favorite time of year draws near I’ve started getting into the Halloween mood. I’ve been trying to watch more horror movies of late and recently I saw someone post on facebook about Creeptales, a long lost anthology from the 80’s. I LOVE to watch anthologies during this time of year, they really suit […]

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Waxwork (1988)

As my favorite time of the year approached for this first time, I didn’t really feel like watching any horror. Lately I’ve just been burnt out and more interested in watching old action flicks. Blasphemy right? Well, yesterday was the first day in my favorite month and suddenly I got the itch to watch Waxwork. […]

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Street Trash (1987)

I had the rare opportunity to watch Street Trash about 15 years ago on vhs. I found it at a short lived video store and judging by the cover art, I was in for a treat. What I got was a poorly transferred copy that looked like someone had actually wiped their ass with the […]

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Mold! The Movie (2011)

Ahh there’s nothing like a homegrown grass roots indie flick. No compromise, no pandering, just exactly what the filmmakers wanted to make. The Nevermore Film Festival winner for best feature, Mold The Movie is just that and surely deserves it’s most recent award. Mold! is set in 1984 at a military science lab. Narcoterrorists are […]

Maya (1989)

As a fan of both Italian horror and 80’s movies, I was surprised that I’d never heard of this movie. I never saw this in video stores, and never saw it mentioned on any horror forums, despite spending more than a fair share of time browsing both. It’s a shame, too, because this movie was […]

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