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Cinema Somnambulist (2016)

My appreciation for Richard Glenn Schmidt’s work has been clear on this site. I have reviewed his zine, Fang of Joy (and have appeared within it’s pages most recently), and his first book Giallo Meltdown. Cinema Somnambulist (a title I struggle to say) is his latest cinema related published work and of course I have […]

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Yobi: The Five Tailed Fox (2007)

As I mentioned in the last post, I enjoy anime and have since I was a kid but as a casual viewer. Sometime in my youth I discovered Princess Mononoke and have been very into Hayao Miazaki and Studio Ghibli in general ever since. His films are magical in a way that no other film […]

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Genocyber: The Collection (1993)

I remember catching anime for the first time as a kid on the Sci-Fi Channel. Project A-Ko, Dominion Tank Police, Akira and more were played on their channel and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Violence, guns, great animation, and clearly all for adults. Access was limited in those days, most video stores hadn’t […]

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Twilight of the Dark Master (1997)

As a kid I used to love violent anime. I wasn’t a huge anime fan but whenever I could rent some from a local mom & pop or catch some on Sci-Fi, I was a happy camper. I especially enjoy late 80’s to late 90’s anime, the time before CGI was omnipresent in the genre. […]

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Podcast 4?!

Yes, that’s right friends and fiends Toxic Graveyard Podcast #4 is already up and ready for your listening pleasure. This episode we have Patrick Macias, Editor-in-chief of Otaku USA magazine as well as the host for the Tokyoscope speaking series at Viz Cinema in San Francisco. We talk about the upcoming Kaiju event as well […]