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Halloween Home Haunts (2013)

When I was a kid I have 3 vivid memories of Halloween. One is trick or treating with two friends at a house with what we thought was a fake witch sitting in the doorway. It wasn’t. It was a dude dressed up as a witch and it scared the crap out of us, my […]

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Centipede Horror (1984)

In high school dvd was big and Circuit City and Best Buy had huge selections. They even carried cheap ass kung fu flicks that were at best grey market, at worst total bootlegs. I quickly learned that Gordon Liu was awesome and almost anything Shaw Brothers put out was gold. My appetite for kung fu […]

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Colony (1995)

Back here again with some more DIY horror. You’d think after The Basement release I would have gotten my fill, but no. I can’t seem to get enough of homegrown horror, and Colony certainly fits that bill. Seemingly shot in the late 80s/early 90s I have no idea of its true production date as there […]

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