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Red Christmas (2017)

There was a time when I was a champion for Artsploitation Films. They had a roster of strong independent and foreign films from new or unfamiliar directors. They released fantastic films and took big risks. I loved them for gambling on unknown foreign directors making films that fit into a world that wasn’t quite art […]

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The Devil Lives Here (2016)

Artsploitation Films have billed themselves as a company that releases films from new voices from around the world that play with genre conventions in unique ways. To me, they are a company worth watching because they dig deep to find unique genre films from places we might not expect. In this case, the film is […]

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Counter Clockwise (2016)

Artsploitation is a unique label. They deal exclusively with unknown or little known directors. They scour the globe looking for unique cinema that is equal parts art house and exploitation (hence the title). Their most recent release, Counter Clockwise fits the bill nicely and works with their previous releases. Counter Clockwise is about a man […]

Cub (2015)

Deformed Killer in the Woods. It’s a genre that has endured for decades within the horror world and has never fully gone away. There’s something primal about something or someone hunting you in the wilderness. It’s a good trope that has more often than not been treated terribly. We’ve all watched far too many films […]

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Reckless (2014)

I’ve said it before, Scandinavia and the Germanic countries are doing fantastic work in the dark thriller sub genre. Whether it’s a crime film or a detective movie, they’ve got the gritty, grim, and satisfying vibe down to a science. Reckless is no different. Reckless is about two guys who kidnap the daughter of a […]

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Horsehead (2015)

Artsploitation have made a name for themselves in the world of dvd distribution. They always release films that hover between art and exploitation (hence the name!). Films that don’t readily fit in either category. Horsehead is a perfect example of that goal. Horsehead is about a young girl who is summoned back to the family […]

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Toad Road (2013)

For many of us found footage is a great way to say “I don’t want to watch this.” The sub-genre has had little innovation and there have been far to many cheap-o flicks that use the “style” to make a film from nothing, and more often then not it also involves zero planning and zero […]

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Animals (2012)

The ending of childhood is a powerful time in all of our lives.  The subject has been explored in many many films to varying degrees of success. Most often the films either lament the loss using nostalgia or to embrace the bright future of young adulthood.  Animals is a very interesting film. It tackles this […]

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Horror Stories (2012)

Asian Horror. Those two words are enough to keep many genre fans far far away from a film. After the huge breakout J-Horror hits of the early 00’s, there was an overabundance of little girls with black hair creeping around the corners of screens everywhere. The sub-genre burned out very quickly for most and for […]

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Hidden in the Woods (2012)

Now this is the right way to do a release. Great box art, reverseable sleeve, a full booklet including liner notes and an interview with the director (!),  a behind the scenes featurette and more. This is a quality release worthy of purchase, especially when you consider how virtually unknown this film is. This isn’t […]

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