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Bloody Knuckles (2015)

I didn’t get to cram in Bloody Knuckles during my annual horror-athon where I watch 100% horror for at least a month but I finally got around to it this week, knowing that artsploitation always delivers. Bloody Knuckles is a Canadian film about a guy who draws offensive underground comics with a cult following. He […]

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The Treatment (2014)

Recently there’s been a growing number of grim, very well made, neo noir/thriller/crime films coming out of Scandinavia and Dutch/German regions. The films are often extreme but not in a exploitative way. They’re just harder edged and more fearless than their American counterparts. Take the Treatment for instance. In tone and in style it’s very […]

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Memory of the Dead (2011)

In the past few months I have professed my love for new indie dvd label Artsploitation films. They have combed through the wilderness of the world to bring us some of the most interesting dark cinema out there right now. And that part is important, right now. Right now there are all sorts of great […]

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