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Red Christmas (2017)

There was a time when I was a champion for Artsploitation Films. They had a roster of strong independent and foreign films from new or unfamiliar directors. They released fantastic films and took big risks. I loved them for gambling on unknown foreign directors making films that fit into a world that wasn’t quite art […]

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The Survivor (1981)

I’m a sucker for exploitation cinema (or just cinema in general) from Australia. I used to watch The Road Warrior a lot as a kid (it was often on tv) and it gave me a taste for cinema from OZ.  I like to keep my peeper peeled for unique films from down under so when […]

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The Search for Weng Weng (2016)

The world of exploitation cinema is a wild and weird on as we all know. The history of the strange side of cinema from the around the world is filled with unique individuals but one of the most unique is Weng Weng. Star of several films made in the Philippines in the late 70’s and […]

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Turkey Shoot (1982)

I love Severin Films. They are a unique small label that is willing to take risks when it comes to their releases. Everything they release they personally love and it resonates every time they get something out. Turkey Shoot is a rare Australian flick that’s over 30 years old that doesn’t have a huge following […]

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Patrick (1978)

Patrick is the third and final Australian horror blu-ray release from indie champs Severin films. This completes the awesome trifecta of classic Oz horror that started with Thirst and Dead Kids. Does it stack up? Patrick is about a young man that is in a vegetative state in a small clinic. He stares blankly at […]

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Ozsploitation Trailer Explosion (2014)

As I mentioned in my previous post I love Australian films. They’re funky, unique, and have a voice all their own. It can be hard to track them down though. Often they use American actors or Australian actors who act with American/British accents so the trademark twang might not be there to clue you in. […]

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Thirst (1979)

There’s a special place in my cinematic heart for Australian film. Ever since I saw The Road Warrior at a young age (and then endlessly on cable) I’ve been fascinated with the country’s output. Whenever I read an article or review about an interesting film from the land down under I usually try to track […]

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Muirhouse (2013)

As with most horror fans, I’m pretty tired of found footage movies. I really enjoyed Paranormal Activity, and some of the films that were released around it like Grave Encounters and some of the possession films but at this point it’s kinda hard to be original. I don’t hate them like many reviewers do. I’m […]

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The Odd Angry Shot (1979)

I’ve had a special place in my cinematic heart for Australian films ever since I saw The Road Warrior as a wee lad. I always keep my ears and eyes open Ozploitation flicks. I knew I had to see The Odd Angry Shot, Australia’s Vietnam war film. Set during the Vietnam war, the film begins […]

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Fatal Visions (2012)

I kinda missed the whole ‘zine thing. I was born too late and have always lived in small towns without access to great zines. Having discovered some great ones through the internet and also contributed to a few, I’m always on the lookout for more. Fatal Visions was a great zine out of the land […]

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