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Pulp (1972)

About a decade ago I watched Get Carter (1971) with my uncle. I had never seen it and it was one of his favorites. I could see why. Michael Caine plays a great tough guy, it had memorable lines of dialogue, and great hard nosed action. Fast forward to today and I discovered that Caine […]

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Essex Space Bin (2016)

I picked up Essex Space Bin without knowing much. I knew it was released by Troma, I knew it was British, and I knew it was very low budget. I also knew it looked odd. All of these things combined, I figured it could be a perfect Awful Awesome movie. Or it could be absolute […]

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The Ghoul (2017)

Rare is the film that Arrow puts out that hasn’t been released somewhere else before. Arrow is almost exclusively a label dedicated to re-releasing cult gems from around the world but they have released a few new releases as well. The Ghoul is one such film that is getting it’s premiere on the label. Not […]

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Psychomania (1973)

I’ll be honest with you: I’m not a fan of biker movies. I’ve seen a very small number of them but i’m certainly not in the cult of motorcycles. I think motorcycles are neat and all but the exploitation films of the 60’s and 70’s usually leave me cold. The idea just doesn’t float my […]

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House of Mortal Sin (1975)

I’ve been a fan of British director Pete Walker for several years now. He made a series of horror flicks in the 70’s (and one in the 80’s)  that were well written, tightly plotted, and very well acted. His films aren’t known for being graphic gorefests because the censors at the time wouldn’t allow it […]

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Tin Can Man (2007)

Any casual reader of this site knows of our affinity for low budget/no budget flicks. There’s something special that happens when a filmmaker has big ideas an no money. Necessity being the mother of invention, low budget flicks utilize some interesting tricks to get the job done. Tin Can Man is one such micro budget […]

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The Flesh and Blood Show (1972)

The Flesh and Blood Show is somewhat of an odd duck. It’s yet another horror film by British director Pete Walker.  I had never seen this one before. Mostly I’ve seen his later output so I was really excited when I put this on last night. But is it any good? The Flesh and Blood […]

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Frightmare (1974)

About 10 years ago Shriek Show released most of Pete Walker’s films out on dvd. I had no idea who Pete Walker was but the cover art for Frightmare informed me I had to find out. As it turns out he’s a British director who did a string of films in the 70’s very quickly […]

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Hands of the Ripper (1971)

Hands of the Ripper, as with many Hammer films is set during the Victorian era. The daughter of Jack the Ripper witnesses the ripper attack and murder her mother which leaves her mentally scarred. She is then adopted by a charlatan posing as a medium and uses the girl to help her fake her seances. […]

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Salvage (2008)

Dystopic/anti-government films never get old for me. I love to see films that look into our near future and try to predict what our reactions to very real threats just might be. 28 days later, the Road Warrior, Carriers, they all try to show humanity as it falls apart and how some will pull together […]

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