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Italian Crime Filmography 1968-1980 (2013)

Back in my early 20’s I really got into European horror films, especially those from Italy. Their films were more unhinged, had better soundtracks, pretty girls, and crazy violence in them. I purchased a copy of (now defunct) Film Fanaddict Magazine. In the back of one issue it stated there would be an article about […]

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The Dinosaur Filmography (2002)

When I was a kid dinosaurs loomed large in my imagination. I loved anything with the giants in them. Godzilla was a favorite, of course, and I was always on the lookout for other dino related movies. They were a gateway into the world of horror, a world that I’m now very well versed in. […]

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They Came From Within (2014)

As you may have surmised after checking out this site, I’m a bit of a horror nerd. And that is an understatement. When I was a kid, I scoured through rows and rows of horror movies at video stores and grabbed everything I could watch.  Before then, I watched everything on TV, often sneaking viewings […]

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