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Stunt Squad (1977)

As I said in my review for the documentary Eurocrime, Italian crime films from the 70’s were largely ignored by American audiences. Stunt Squad is no exception, garnering only 82 reviews on despite it recently being released on Blu in the states recently by Rarovideo. It seems that despite the efforts of Blue Underground […]

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Eurocrime (2014)

Eurocrime is a subgenre of Italian film that usually only serious film fanatics ever dig into. Usually it’s horror fiends that start to dig into some of the other films horror guys did (notably Umberto Lenzi and Lucio Fulci) and suddenly they’ve stumbled onto something almost no one has heard of outside of Italy the […]

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Gang War in Milan (1973)

Italian crime action flicks of the 70’s are the best! Also known as Poliziotteschi, these films were made by the bundle and featured action, sleaze, and lots of machismo. I’ll admit I’ve probably only seen about a dozen of them but I’m always on the lookout for more. Gang War in Milan was directed by […]

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Death Occurred Last Night (1970)

When it comes to classic Italian cinema, I only have a cursory knowledge. I’ve seen all the Argentos and Fulcis, a handful of the Martinos and Lenzis, a smattering of Bava (father & son), and bits and pieces of other film makers canons. I enjoy Italian horror, giallos, and crime films but honestly they are […]

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The Fall Guy (2011)

There comes a time in every Horror fiend’s life when he or she must step out of the genre and breathe the fresh air of something that doesn’t involve graveyards, monsters, or serial killers. It’s important to have these moments of rest so that we can dive back into the genre with renewed vigor. Comet […]