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Phenomena (1985)

  About 15 years ago I discovered Dario Argento. I remember I was hanging out at my girlfriend’s house (she’s now my wife), and I was watching one of her cable channels I didn’t have. It was a horror marathon hosted by Tom Savini. He was showing Suspiria and had interviews with Argento and trivia […]

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Wax Mask (1997)

At one time the Italian film industry could go toe to toe with any other country producing cinema. Some of the greatest films in cinema history were made there. Later, Italy began churning out stylish, shocking, and unique films that cult movie fans devoured by the bushel. Dario Argento is one such creator of stylish […]

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The Church (1989)

Well after that great review by numbersixman I’ve decided to throw my own mediocre Italian horror flick from the late 80’s, albeit a much more well known one. Originally called Demons 3, this somewhat sequel to Demons and Demons 2 was co-written by Dario Argento and directed by Michele Soavi of Stage Fright fame. The […]

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Dario Argento By James Gracey

I love Dario Argento. My first exposure to his work was by chance. It was late at night on IFC and I happened upon a bizarre film with striking colors set in a girls school. It was so unique with incredible camera work and beautiful and brutal murders. The film of course was Suspiria and […]