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Essex Space Bin (2016)

I picked up Essex Space Bin without knowing much. I knew it was released by Troma, I knew it was British, and I knew it was very low budget. I also knew it looked odd. All of these things combined, I figured it could be a perfect Awful Awesome movie. Or it could be absolute […]

Skinless (2014)

A few years ago I was checking out the dvd section of an awesome record store when I stumbled up on the Puppet Monster Massacre. It was cheap and so am I, so I took it home and was very entertained. Sure, we’ve all see Meet the Feebles so the idea of a gory puppet […]

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Things (1989)

Any regular reader of Toxic Graveyard will know how much we love DIY horror here. There’s something empowering and inspiring about seeing a group of people get together and make a film even if they don’t have the money or technical knowhow to do it. From Redneck Zombies, to The Basement, to Killing Spree, there’s […]

Bone Sickness (2004)

I’m happy to announce that I can finally give a positive review! As you all know I love my gore flicks. There’s just something about seeing the special effect wizardry that goes into making a very gruesome end for a character in a film that I love. That and seeing new and unique ways to […]

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Toxic Graveyard Podcast!!!!!

Hello all! I’m very excited to announce the very first podcast from Toxic Graveyard! For this episode we interviewed writer/director Travis Betz of Joshua and Lo fame. Its a great indie diy interview with the how tos and the whys from conception to distribution. Also included is a track from Canadian Mysti-grind metallers Cephalectomy! Enjoy […]

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