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Down (2001)

Recently I covered the Dutch horror flick, The Lift about a killer elevator. The film was made in 1983 and in 2001 director Dick Maas had the opportunity to remake his hit in the U.S. with a bigger budget, set in New York. Why have you never heard of this flick before? Well, it premiered […]

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The Lift (1988)

When it comes to countries known for their impressive horror output, the Netherlands doesn’t usually spring to mind. Eurohorror is a genre unto itself, with it’s own conventions, expectations, and focus, all of which can be very different from American genre films (and different within each European country of course). The Lift is a small […]

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Elevator (2011)

I have a soft spot for indie flicks that take place in a single room/house/location. From a writing standpoint, it’s really hard to pull off an engaging, entertaining, film with limited characters and locations, hence why you’ll never see Transformers: The Cabin in the Woods. Films of this nature hinge on a believeable script and […]

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