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Fascination: The Celluloid Dreams of Jean Rollin (2016)

I’ve got to be honest when it comes to Jean Rollin and Eurohorror in general. It’s a blind spot for me. Sure, I’ve seen tons of Italian horror flicks and love ’em, but as far as gothic/creepy castle type Eurohorror it’s not a big draw for me. I’ve only seen The Grapes of Death and […]

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The Treatment (2014)

Recently there’s been a growing number of grim, very well made, neo noir/thriller/crime films coming out of Scandinavia and Dutch/German regions. The films are often extreme but not in a exploitative way. They’re just harder edged and more fearless than their American counterparts. Take the Treatment for instance. In tone and in style it’s very […]

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Back in Crime (2011)

Time travel is one of my favorite tropes in science fiction cinema. It’s an easy way to get a high concept idea made into a film with a limited budget. Or a fantastic way to blow a huge wad of cash on fancy special effects. Back in Crime is more interested in subtlety than flash […]

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Someone Behind the Door (1971)

I’m a huge Charles Bronson fan. Something about his pencil handle bar mustache and his grim demeanor have always intrigued me. He’s a tough old bastard and I love him for it. In honor of the 10th anniversary of his passing, I pulled out a dusty old vhs copy of Someone Behind the Door, a […]

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The Horde (2009)

Before I begin this review let me state for the record that I’m very tired of zombies. Very. The zombie is the single most over used villain in horror films and literature.  I used to love them. Nothing like some classic gut munching zombie action right? Lately though there has been little innovation and too […]

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