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Soft Matter (2018)

At this point in my life I’ve seen several thousand films. Nearly every night I watch a movie and no genre has me coming back to the well as often as horror. Because of this my mental horror encyclopedia is rich and I’m rarely surprised by what the genre delivers. Still, I find my desire […]

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Phobe: The Xenophobic Experiments (1994)

Thank goodness for Intervision. Specializing in off the wall and low budget films from around the globe they have unleashed not one but two fantastically terrible movies. Their first home run bad movie hit was Things. Phobe is their second. I hadn’t even heard of this slice of home grown Canadian Sci-fi silliness until they […]

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The Mega Book of Revenge Films (2014)

When you’ve been wronged, it’s hard not to want to dish out some revenge. If someone insults you in front of your friends or wife, you want to get them back big time. We’re hard wired for revenge though in proper society we are rarely afforded the chance. Revenge is often illegal, at least the […]

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Braineater Jones (2014)

Last weekend I took a long trip to visit a friend. On trips such as these it really helps to have something interesting to listen to when you have to drive alone. It just so happened that Stephen Kozeniewski emailed me about his new book Braineater Jones that was available from Perfect! Now I […]

Lost Faith (1992)

Growing up in the 90’s, I’ve seen my fair share of bad straight to video action films. More often then not they were the worst thing a film can be, boring. I was sorely disappointed many many times after watching my selections from the video store. At some point though, after watching hundreds of bad […]

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Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins (1985)

As any reader of this site knows, I love 80s action films. I’ve spent countless hours watching sweaty buff dudes beat each other up in muscle shirts and spandex. It’s rare that one of the big ones slips under my radar but dammit if one just almost did. Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins was the […]

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