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Doom Asylum (1987)

During the 80’s there was an explosion in cheap gory horror movies, much to the joy of the fans of the genre. There were so many movies pumped out into video stores that many got lost in the shuffle. Doom Asylum is one such movie that has often been overlooked by genre fans. I first […]

Brain Damage (1988)

  I distinctly remember renting Brain Damage on vhs when I was in junior high. I saw it at the video store and honestly thought the movie was going to star Jeff Goldblum because of the box art. I also knew it was going to have a monster in it and I’ve always loved creature […]

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So Bad, So Good 2: Electric Bookaloo (2015)

A few weeks ago I got my hands on So Bad, So Good, a book covering over 50 films perfect for a bad movie night with friends. I love that kind of stuff and regularly watch cheesy flicks. In fact, I’m an aficionado of the stuff. I really enjoyed that book (I read it in […]

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Very Funny.

I had to post this because it’s so damn true and hilarious. Enjoy your work day.

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