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Red Christmas (2017)

There was a time when I was a champion for Artsploitation Films. They had a roster of strong independent and foreign films from new or unfamiliar directors. They released fantastic films and took big risks. I loved them for gambling on unknown foreign directors making films that fit into a world that wasn’t quite art […]

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The Mutilator (1984)

Arrow has been spewing out fantastic movies at a breakneck speed ever since they crossed the pond to dispense goodness with us colonists. It’s astounding how many titles they’ve churned out in such a short time, all stacked with extras and restored from the ground up. The Mutilator is one such title that they’ve give […]

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Skinless (2014)

A few years ago I was checking out the dvd section of an awesome record store when I stumbled up on the Puppet Monster Massacre. It was cheap and so am I, so I took it home and was very entertained. Sure, we’ve all see Meet the Feebles so the idea of a gory puppet […]

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Grave Robbers (1990)/ Cemetery of Horror (1985)

Recently I’ve been digging deep for new horror treats. Listening to the Mill Creeps podcast, they recommended Mexican horror film Don’t Panic (1988). They said it was a gory fun supernatural slasher that was much better than their expectations. I checked it out and indeed it was a totally solid horror flick. That movie is […]

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Hidden in the Woods (2012)

Now this is the right way to do a release. Great box art, reverseable sleeve, a full booklet including liner notes and an interview with the director (!),  a behind the scenes featurette and more. This is a quality release worthy of purchase, especially when you consider how virtually unknown this film is. This isn’t […]

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Daemon of the Dark Wood (2012)

The good folks at Comet Press have seen fit to release yet another great horror novel for us voracious horror fiends to devour. This time we get Daemon of the Dark Wood by Comet Press alum Randy Chandler. Just about every short story collection they’ve released has had a story from him in it, and […]

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Scarla (2011)

I love Comet Press. Seriously, they’re my new favorite small press publisher. With a handful of amazing short story collections in their library they have finally decided to branch out into releasing novels, or in this case, novellas. Scarla, by BC Furtney, tells the tale about a young woman who just happens to be a […]

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Mindwarp (1992)

Alright. I’ll admit it. In high school I was a huge Bruce Campbell fan. I can’t tell you how many times i watched the Evil Dead Trilogy during my formative years. He still holds a special place in my heart, along with all the Evil Dead alum, Sam and Ted Raimi, Robert Tapert etc. So, […]

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