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A Cat in the Brain (1990)

The first time I saw A Cat in the Brain was when Grindhouse originally released the movie on DVD. A friend of mine had it and despite having only seen one or two Fulci flicks I was eager to dive in. We both sat mouths agape at what we saw. Truly a spectacle to behold […]

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What Have You Done To Solange? (1972)

About a decade ago (has it been that long?!) I went on a giallo binge. I looked up lists online and tried to knock out the best of the best. I remembered watching this flick and not having my socks blown when I saw it. When I got the Blu it was great timing, I […]

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Infidus (2015)

Necrostorm films, based in Italy, have one mission: to make innovative ultra gory flicks. Up until now, their films were heavily influenced by films made in the 80s and tried to capture the fun gooey vibe of said decade. So far they have achieved their goal. The films I’ve seen that they have produced have […]

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Werewolf Woman (1976)

Italy made a name for itself in the 70’s for producing some of the most over top, graphic, bizarre films the world had ever seen. Eurocrime flicks, sexploitation, and yes horror films were filled with odd setups, hyper violence, nudity, and depravity. Add Werewolf Woman onto the long list of extreme Italian cinema. Werewolf Woman […]

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A Touch of Sin (2013)

Extreme cinema comes in many forms. We are most accustomed to experiencing tough cinema from genre fare most notoriously the horror genre. There is however a kalidescope of powerful cinema out there that lies in many different types of films. Foreign films (foreign to the good ol’ U.S. of A anyway) have been exploring tough […]

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Toxic Graveyard Podcast #3 Maniac!

It’s that time again folks. Episode 3 is live and ready for you. This time we cover Maniac (2012) starring Elijah Wood. Did we like it? Did we hate it? Give a listen to find out here.

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Grave Robbers (1990)/ Cemetery of Horror (1985)

Recently I’ve been digging deep for new horror treats. Listening to the Mill Creeps podcast, they recommended Mexican horror film Don’t Panic (1988). They said it was a gory fun supernatural slasher that was much better than their expectations. I checked it out and indeed it was a totally solid horror flick. That movie is […]

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Necro Files (2011)

Any semi-regular reader of this site has heard me profess my love for Comet Press numerous times and look out cuz i’m gonna do it again. This time I’ve got a copy of their new anthology Necro Files: 20 Years of Extreme Horror. And extreme it is indeed. Being no stranger to extreme fiction, having […]

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Scarla (2011)

I love Comet Press. Seriously, they’re my new favorite small press publisher. With a handful of amazing short story collections in their library they have finally decided to branch out into releasing novels, or in this case, novellas. Scarla, by BC Furtney, tells the tale about a young woman who just happens to be a […]

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