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Brain Damage (1988)

  I distinctly remember renting Brain Damage on vhs when I was in junior high. I saw it at the video store and honestly thought the movie was going to star Jeff Goldblum because of the box art. I also knew it was going to have a monster in it and I’ve always loved creature […]

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Motivational Growth (2015)

We here at Toxic Graveyard have always been staunch supporters of small indie films that deliver the goods. Horror being our normal stock has always had an explosion of worthy films coming from nowhere. The genre has a rich history of regional auteurs trying to say something or at least trying to make a buck. […]

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Ruthless (2010)

I love extreme horror. I love being grossed out, shocked, and revolted. Honestly, I just like to feel something. ┬áSo often I read novels and anthologies and never really feel anything. Sure, they’re entertaining but beyond killing some of my free time they don’t give me anything to take with me. Ruthless made me feel […]

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Taxidermia (2006)

Every now and then a non-horror film gets the horror world all abuzz for it’s ferocity and graphic nature. Taxidermia is one such film and deserves most of the attention it’s gotten. I saw the trailer months ago and once I saw a character shoot flames from his penis, I was sold. Called the best […]