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Zombies: The Beginning (2007)

I have a policy around these parts. I don’t like writing negative reviews. I don’t really see the point. I’d rather be a beacon of light shining on worthy books and films. I don’t want to be a prick who gets off trashing said movies and books that I don’t like. I don’t need to […]

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Memory of the Dead (2011)

In the past few months I have professed my love for new indie dvd label Artsploitation films. They have combed through the wilderness of the world to bring us some of the most interesting dark cinema out there right now. And that part is important, right now. Right now there are all sorts of great […]

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Nightmare City (1980)

Italian Splatter. We all love it and we all need more of it in our lives. Umberto Lenzi a director responsible for sleaze classics like Cannibal Ferox, Eaten Alive, and Seven Blood-Stained Orchids, helms this zombie-ish flick. Nightmare City is about a plane full of infected folks going on a rampage. If you’re bitten you […]

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Bleeding Skull: A 1980’s Trash-Horror Odyssey (2013)

As a cinephile I have always been most interested in horror films. Any casual reader of this site can plainly see that. I grew up in the 90’s, renting movies from the 80’s from my local mom & pop and blockbuster. The big internet boom of the early 00’s helped fuel my hunt, leading me […]

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Bay of Blood (1971)

What can I possibly say about this film? Bay of Blood is a cornerstone of horror cinema. Directed by Mario Bava, the original master of horror from Italy, the man responsible for Dario Argento’s horror education. In Bay of Blood, Bava brought horror from creaky castles and spooky dungeons, straight into the modern world where […]

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Toxic Graveyard Podcast #0

Hello dear readers I have decided to pull the Toxic Graveyard podcast out of retirement and start fresh with episode #0 with my co-host Jose. It’s been 3 years almost exactly since I did one last so I figured it was time. We review Riddick (2013) and Elysium (2013) sitting outside at our local Drive-In […]

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Genocyber: The Collection (1993)

I remember catching anime for the first time as a kid on the Sci-Fi Channel. Project A-Ko, Dominion Tank Police, Akira and more were played on their channel and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Violence, guns, great animation, and clearly all for adults. Access was limited in those days, most video stores hadn’t […]

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Taeter City (2012)

Growing up as a budding horror fiend I always wanted to see the goriest movie out there. Too bad I peaked at about 12 seeing Dead Alive uncut thanks to my local mom & pop video store. That didn’t deter me in the hunt though. I’ve seen my share of German gore flicks like The […]

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Amongst The Dead (2012)

Here at Toxic Graveyard I keep saying that I hate zombie films and fiction. That i’m over the undead and couldn’t stand another rotting moan or infected limb. And yet, I keep getting great zombie books and films and gush over them every time. I suppose I should say that I’m tired of cookie cutter […]

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The Dark (2012)

The Dark, written by¬†Scott Bradley and Peter Giglio , is my second exposure to the new Indie book label, Ravenous Shadows. The label was created to give exposure to new talented authors who have written short books. Not quite as short as novellas, the books are typically around 200 pages. Reading has become less and […]

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