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House & House II: The Second Story Blu

When I was a kid, I grew up watching a lot of T.V. I remember on weekends watching cheesy action flicks, sci-fi movies, and horror flicks that played on basic cable. Films like The Thing and Big Trouble in Little China, the Puppet Master movies, and more would play on lazy Saturday afternoons when my […]

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The Devil Lives Here (2016)

Artsploitation Films have billed themselves as a company that releases films from new voices from around the world that play with genre conventions in unique ways. To me, they are a company worth watching because they dig deep to find unique genre films from places we might not expect. In this case, the film is […]

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Muirhouse (2013)

As with most horror fans, I’m pretty tired of found footage movies. I really enjoyed Paranormal Activity, and some of the films that were released around it like Grave Encounters and some of the possession films but at this point it’s kinda hard to be original. I don’t hate them like many reviewers do. I’m […]

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Halloween Home Haunts (2013)

When I was a kid I have 3 vivid memories of Halloween. One is trick or treating with two friends at a house with what we thought was a fake witch sitting in the doorway. It wasn’t. It was a dude dressed up as a witch and it scared the crap out of us, my […]

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