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Cinema Somnambulist (2016)

My appreciation for Richard Glenn Schmidt’s work has been clear on this site. I have reviewed his zine, Fang of Joy (and have appeared within it’s pages most recently), and his first book Giallo Meltdown. Cinema Somnambulist (a title I struggle to say) is his latest cinema related published work and of course I have […]

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Fang of Joy #2

About a year ago I snagged myself a copy of Fang of Joy #1, reviewed here, and really enjoyed it. An American zine that focuses exclusively on Eurohorror, it fills a great niche of interest and does so with humor and wit. I’ve been waiting patiently for number 2 to come out and was super […]

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Fang of Joy #1 (2013)

I’m a big fan of print zines. To be honest when I look around on the internet, I’m searching for raw data. Is the movie good or not? Then I move on. If a review is long, I skip most of it. With print however, I enjoy long reviews and articles. I like holding something […]

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