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Counter Clockwise (2016)

Artsploitation is a unique label. They deal exclusively with unknown or little known directors. They scour the globe looking for unique cinema that is equal parts art house and exploitation (hence the title). Their most recent release, Counter Clockwise fits the bill nicely and works with their previous releases. Counter Clockwise is about a man […]

Motivational Growth (2015)

We here at Toxic Graveyard have always been staunch supporters of small indie films that deliver the goods. Horror being our normal stock has always had an explosion of worthy films coming from nowhere. The genre has a rich history of regional auteurs trying to say something or at least trying to make a buck. […]

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Skinless (2014)

A few years ago I was checking out the dvd section of an awesome record store when I stumbled up on the Puppet Monster Massacre. It was cheap and so am I, so I took it home and was very entertained. Sure, we’ve all see Meet the Feebles so the idea of a gory puppet […]

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Simon Killer (2012)

I have a thing for modern European films that try to be more true to life. I’m an ignorant ugly American so I don’t know what it’s called but the style usually has beautiful cinematography without being tricky. Usually utilizing naturalistic lighting and minimal soundtrack, focusing on people and their relationships. Simon Killer fits this […]

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Resolution (2012)

Resolution is an interesting debut horror film about a guy trying to help his friend. You see, his friend is addicted to meth and is living in a house way out in the middle of nowhere in the woods. He’s come to ask him if he will go to rehab before he kills himself with […]

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The Battery (2013)

I have to admit that the in the last six months I haven’t watched much horror. Lately the genre hasn’t captured my attention. Has the genre hit a lull? Am I just uniformed? Or have I finally gotten old? In any case I haven’t been interested. There’s too many great flicks from other genres/countries that […]

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Toxic Graveyard Podcast!!!!!

Hello all! I’m very excited to announce the very first podcast from Toxic Graveyard! For this episode we interviewed writer/director Travis Betz of Joshua and Lo fame. Its a great indie diy interview with the how tos and the whys from conception to distribution. Also included is a track from Canadian Mysti-grind metallers Cephalectomy! Enjoy […]

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