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VHS Massacre (2017)

I grew up in the glory days of small video stores with shelves stacked with wonderful (and terrible) films for me to salivate over. As a kid i spend my summers watching stacks of VHS tapes picked out from the local mom & pop video store so of course i’m a sucker for vhs era […]

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The Mega Book of Revenge Films (2014)

When you’ve been wronged, it’s hard not to want to dish out some revenge. If someone insults you in front of your friends or wife, you want to get them back big time. We’re hard wired for revenge though in proper society we are rarely afforded the chance. Revenge is often illegal, at least the […]

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Toxic Graveyard Episode 8!

Well it’s that time again fiends and foes, episode 8 is here. This time we have Josh Schafer, editor in chief of Lunchmeat Magazine, a magazine dedicated to VHS and resurrecting obscure gems. We talk about the magazine, vhs collecting in general and why tapes rule. Enjoy it here. Check out Lunchmeat’s myspace here.

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