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The Hong Kong Filmography 1977-1997 (1999)

The cinema from Hong Kong’s golden era is like no other. Kinetic, bizarre, graphic, violent, brutal, artful, beautiful, hilarious, the films ran the gamut. They had higher highs and lower lows then their western counterparts during this era. Highly influential on American cinema throughout the 90’s, the films were notoriously difficult to find if you […]

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The American Marital Arts Film (2004)

  When it comes to film books you can find just about any subject within the horror genre covered, same goes for Sci-Fi, and any number of foreign countries are covered but American martial arts films of the 80’s and 90’s are an under represented area of cinema that The American Marital Arts Film book […]

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Theme ’70 (2015)

The world of zines was one that passed me by I’m afraid. I grew up in a small town and I don’t remember ever seeing any funky cool zines at local shops. In fact, during the 90’s and 00’s there wasn’t the emphasis on local that there is now. It was all about big corporate […]

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I haven’t done one of these in a while and this is one of my favorites. One of many scenes that proves The Story of Riki is the best kung fu film ever. Enjoy.

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Black Magic (1975)

Lately I’ve really been into Asian magic films. From Eternal Evil of Asia to the Boxer’s Omen, magic films get to the heart of a culture’s taboos and superstitions. Unfortunately Black Magic only got to the heart of my boredom. In this very 70’s shaw film we have a black magic sorcerer whom can make […]

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Mr. Vampire (1985)

I love foreign horror films steeped in culture in which it was made. The best foreign horror flicks are those meant for the people of the country, not for the world at large. When this happens, we get to see directly into the culture’s values, superstitions, social issues, and possibly political issues as well. Although […]

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The Boxer’s Omen (1983)

As I’ve stated before, I love Shaw Brothers films. Its my go-to place for great kung fu. Towards the end of their run they tried to experiment with new styles to help bolster the company. Mainly they experimented with hororr martial arts films. Some were hit, some were misses. The Boxer’s Omen is a big […]

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Human Lanterns (1982)

Shaw Brothers kung fu films are my favorite. With high flying super kung fu master stunts, blood, Gordon Liu, The Venoms, they had it all. What I didn’t know up until a couple of years ago was that they didn’t just do straight up Kung Fu films, they also tried to infuse horror in to […]

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