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Fist 2 Fist (2011)

Growing up as kid in the 90’s, I devoured action movies by the fist full. I was always searching for that magical action flick that would deliver everything I craved: mostly lots of fighting. I fell in love with the top tier films as most boys did but I also enjoyed the lower budgeted films […]

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The Good, The Tough, The Deadly (2016)

Growing up in the video store era I spent a lot of time in the action section. At my local mom & pop it was the largest section they had and I loved grabbing arm loads of direct to video fun. I spent many summers grabbing everything that looked good. Fast forward to today and […]

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Lost Faith (1992)

Growing up in the 90’s, I’ve seen my fair share of bad straight to video action films. More often then not they were the worst thing a film can be, boring. I was sorely disappointed many many times after watching my selections from the video store. At some point though, after watching hundreds of bad […]

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Human Lanterns (1982)

Shaw Brothers kung fu films are my favorite. With high flying super kung fu master stunts, blood, Gordon Liu, The Venoms, they had it all. What I didn’t know up until a couple of years ago was that they didn’t just do straight up Kung Fu films, they also tried to infuse horror in to […]

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