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Robogeisha (2009)

Recently I had the opportunity to view the latest J-gore flick from the makers of the Machine Girl and Tokyo Gore Police. I was super pumped on watching it given the insane trailer posted ages ago. I figured if the trailer was that crazy/awesome the movie must be right? Sort of. The story of Robogeisha […]

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Vampire Girl Vs Frankenstein Girl (2010)

I love me some J-Gore. I’ve reviewed several films from the current wave and I’m always hungry for more. After the disappointing Samurai Princess and the laughable Sukebanboy, we finally get a film that can proudly stand next to Tokyo Gore Police and The Machine Girl, and of course its from the same guys that […]

Sukeban Boy (2006)

Ahh the new wave of Japanese gore flicks how I love thee. It’s so nice to see a small but steady stream of hardcore gore films coming from the land of the rising sun, especially since for the most part these films turn their creators into pariahs in their native land. A small collective of […]

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