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The Search for Weng Weng (2016)

The world of exploitation cinema is a wild and weird on as we all know. The history of the strange side of cinema from the around the world is filled with unique individuals but one of the most unique is Weng Weng. Star of several films made in the Philippines in the late 70’s and […]

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Countess Perverse (1973)

Can I be honest and admit something to you? Ok. Here I go. I’m not a fan of Jess Franco. There. I said it. I’ve seen a handful of his films, probably not the high water marks, but all the films I’ve seen have been for me dull. Not enough action, and too much nudity […]

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The Girl in Room 2A (1973)

The world of Mondo Macabro is still alive and kicking, and they continue to bring funky rare flicks for us film fanatics. A newish release, the cult Italian/US film The Girl in Room 2A is indeed a rare one. The world of Eurohorror is one less often ventured here in the States. We’ve always had […]

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Clonus (1979)

I’m ¬†fairly politically minded. I pay enough attention to always be angry, but not enough to be really entrenched in the world of beaurocracy. I love anti-government Sci-fi films and books. I think they’re all crooks so I really dig dystopian films that warn about the horrors of government. Clonus, made during the often maligned […]

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Living Doll (1990)

I’ve only recently dug into the Mondo Macabro catalogue, starting with their great Indonesian films. Turns out not everything they’ve released is a winner. Living Doll is about a pathology student obsessed with the flower girl at the hospital in which he works. One day he arrives at work to find her on the slab […]

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Mystics in Bali (1981)

After watching the tremendous Lady Terminator and Dangerous Seductress, I decided to round out my Mondo Macabro H. Tjut Djalil film collection with the notorious, Mystics In Bali. Mystics In Bali is about a young American girl who visits Bali to research a book she’s writing about black magic. She’s introduced to a bona fide […]

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