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Cinema Paradiso (1989)

Cinema Paradiso is a film that I’ve heard and read about for years. It often lands on Best Of lists and can be found in many film books. For whatever reason I never checked it out. I never really knew what the movie was about and the poster art left me cold. Something about the […]

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Going Attractions (2013)

As a kid growing up on the central coast of California, I fondly remember trips to the local Drive-In. I remember seeing Godzilla ’98 and hating it. I remember seeing the Rocketeer on a holiday, seeing fireworks exploding in the background from the fair grounds. I remember my sister taking me in her little mazda […]

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Podcast Episode 3!

This time around we have Mika from San Francisco’s New People / Viz Cinema! She talks about this great theater/store dedicated to Japanese culture and film. Check it out here. Photo courtesy of New People.