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VHS Massacre (2017)

I grew up in the glory days of small video stores with shelves stacked with wonderful (and terrible) films for me to salivate over. As a kid i spend my summers watching stacks of VHS tapes picked out from the local mom & pop video store so of course i’m a sucker for vhs era […]

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The Hong Kong Filmography 1977-1997 (1999)

The cinema from Hong Kong’s golden era is like no other. Kinetic, bizarre, graphic, violent, brutal, artful, beautiful, hilarious, the films ran the gamut. They had higher highs and lower lows then their western counterparts during this era. Highly influential on American cinema throughout the 90’s, the films were notoriously difficult to find if you […]

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So Bad, So Good 2: Electric Bookaloo (2015)

A few weeks ago I got my hands on So Bad, So Good, a book covering over 50 films perfect for a bad movie night with friends. I love that kind of stuff and regularly watch cheesy flicks. In fact, I’m an aficionado of the stuff. I really enjoyed that book (I read it in […]

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Going Attractions (2013)

As a kid growing up on the central coast of California, I fondly remember trips to the local Drive-In. I remember seeing Godzilla ’98 and hating it. I remember seeing the Rocketeer on a holiday, seeing fireworks exploding in the background from the fair grounds. I remember my sister taking me in her little mazda […]

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Point Blank by Dwayne Epstein (2013)

Lee Marvin is an actor I have casually seen in films for years. His long face and gravelly voice mixed with his tough guy persona has held special interest with me. I was born in 84′ and Lee Marvin died in ’87 so I haven’t had much exposure to the man behind the films. All […]

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Fatal Visions (2012)

I kinda missed the whole ‘zine thing. I was born too late and have always lived in small towns without access to great zines. Having discovered some great ones through the internet and also contributed to a few, I’m always on the lookout for more. Fatal Visions was a great zine out of the land […]

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Podcast Episode 2!

Hello all, its that time again! Toxic-Graveyard Podcast Episode 2 is available now! This time we interviewed visual effects artist Bryan Thombs. We spoke to him about the CGI Visual Effects industry, how he got his start, how YOU can get your start, 3-d technology and much more! Also included for all you metal heads, […]