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VHS Ate My Brain (2014)

Author Andrew Hawnt and myself have something in common: we both grew up during the VHS boom, renting tons of tapes and enjoying every minute of it. The difference? He wrote a whole book about it, I didn’t. VHS Ate My Brain is a love letter of a book to a time and place in […]

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Giallo Meltdown (2015)

It’s been awhile since I’ve watched any giallo films in earnest. For a while, I couldn’t get enough but after seeing a few misfires in a row I suppose I moved on to other interests. Author Richard Glenn Schmidt did not. His obsession with gialli is like an ever burning flame and that flame can […]

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Braineater Jones (2014)

Last weekend I took a long trip to visit a friend. On trips such as these it really helps to have something interesting to listen to when you have to drive alone. It just so happened that Stephen Kozeniewski emailed me about his new book Braineater Jones that was available from Perfect! Now I […]

Devils, Death, & Dark Wonders (2013)

I like Randy Chandler’s work. I’ve reviewed his stuff here, here, here, and here. So yeah. I’m a fan. So when the opportunity to read a collection of his short stories popped up, I jumped at it with both hands open. What I really like about him is his fearlessness. Randy isn’t afraid of anything. […]

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Damaged Souls (2013)

A while back I reviewed David Bernstein’s Amongst the Dead It was a solid debut, a zombie novel and well worth my time. That’s saying a lot because as any casual reader of this site knows I’m pretty spent on zombies in general. When I learned he had written another book I jumped at the […]

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The Rock Hole (2011)

I’m friends with Joe R. Lansdale on Facebook (don’t get jealous he accepts everyone). A while back he posted that he rarely gives quotes for authors but that he read a book by Reavis Z. Worthham and loved it. In his words he said Reavis was the real deal. Having devoured anything Lansdale has written […]

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Amongst The Dead (2012)

Here at Toxic Graveyard I keep saying that I hate zombie films and fiction. That i’m over the undead and couldn’t stand another rotting moan or infected limb. And yet, I keep getting great zombie books and films and gush over them every time. I suppose I should say that I’m tired of cookie cutter […]

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The Dark (2012)

The Dark, written by¬†Scott Bradley and Peter Giglio , is my second exposure to the new Indie book label, Ravenous Shadows. The label was created to give exposure to new talented authors who have written short books. Not quite as short as novellas, the books are typically around 200 pages. Reading has become less and […]

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Tribesmen (2012)

I’ve been obsessed with funky horror flicks for most of my life. Sneaking them on tv while my parents were oblivious, renting them whenever i could and watching them in the theater. About 8 years ago I discovered the Video Nasties list. It’s a list of 74 films banned by the British Film Board in […]

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Ted’s Score (2012)

Readers of Toxic Graveyard have read me gush about the awesomeness of Comet Press every time I read one of their books. Ted’s Score is no different. Written by Daniel P. Coughlin (who also wrote the screenplays for horror films Lake Dead and Farmhouse), Ted’s Score is a great page turner. Ted is a serial […]

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