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House of Mortal Sin (1975)

I’ve been a fan of British director Pete Walker for several years now. He made a series of horror flicks in the 70’s (and one in the 80’s)  that were well written, tightly plotted, and very well acted. His films aren’t known for being graphic gorefests because the censors at the time wouldn’t allow it […]

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The Flesh and Blood Show (1972)

The Flesh and Blood Show is somewhat of an odd duck. It’s yet another horror film by British director Pete Walker.  I had never seen this one before. Mostly I’ve seen his later output so I was really excited when I put this on last night. But is it any good? The Flesh and Blood […]

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Frightmare (1974)

About 10 years ago Shriek Show released most of Pete Walker’s films out on dvd. I had no idea who Pete Walker was but the cover art for Frightmare informed me I had to find out. As it turns out he’s a British director who did a string of films in the 70’s very quickly […]

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