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Brain Damage (1988)

  I distinctly remember renting Brain Damage on vhs when I was in junior high. I saw it at the video store and honestly thought the movie was going to star Jeff Goldblum because of the box art. I also knew it was going to have a monster in it and I’ve always loved creature […]

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The Devil Lives Here (2016)

Artsploitation Films have billed themselves as a company that releases films from new voices from around the world that play with genre conventions in unique ways. To me, they are a company worth watching because they dig deep to find unique genre films from places we might not expect. In this case, the film is […]

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The Mutilator (1984)

Arrow has been spewing out fantastic movies at a breakneck speed ever since they crossed the pond to dispense goodness with us colonists. It’s astounding how many titles they’ve churned out in such a short time, all stacked with extras and restored from the ground up. The Mutilator is one such title that they’ve give […]

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Eaten Alive (1977)

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is a film that looms large over the horror genre and in the hearts/minds of horror fans. It’s a film that spawned a plethora of sequels and imitators. It’s a nasty, mean, cruel, sweaty, and visceral film. So if you’re Tobe Hooper and you have an unexpected runaway hit, what do […]

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Tin Can Man (2007)

Any casual reader of this site knows of our affinity for low budget/no budget flicks. There’s something special that happens when a filmmaker has big ideas an no money. Necessity being the mother of invention, low budget flicks utilize some interesting tricks to get the job done. Tin Can Man is one such micro budget […]

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Horror Stories (2012)

Asian Horror. Those two words are enough to keep many genre fans far far away from a film. After the huge breakout J-Horror hits of the early 00’s, there was an overabundance of little girls with black hair creeping around the corners of screens everywhere. The sub-genre burned out very quickly for most and for […]

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The Last Will and Testament of Rosalind Leigh (2012)

I used to subscribe to Rue Morgue Magazine. I loved it. It was like getting a birthday present every month. I couldn’t wait to thumb through the pages and eventually sit down and read it cover to cover. It was a great magazine. Either my interests changed or the coverage changed but either way after […]

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Evil Things (2011)

Recently there’s been a boom in “found footage” films thanks to the popularity of Paranormal Activity. We saw a similar boom after The Blair Witch Project and why not? They’re cheap and can deliver real scares. It’s the perfect low budget choice. The problem is they’re actually hard to pull off. What looks simple can […]

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Bone Sickness (2004)

I’m happy to announce that I can finally give a positive review! As you all know I love my gore flicks. There’s just something about seeing the special effect wizardry that goes into making a very gruesome end for a character in a film that I love. That and seeing new and unique ways to […]

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