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Murderlust (1986)

Intervision Picture Corp. is an interesting company. Somehow tagentially related to the well regarded Severin Films, Intervision picks up all the obscure detritus hiding under rocks. They’ve released such films as the low-fi Canadian head scratcher Things, the equally lo-fi Canadian gem Phobe,  the early German gorefest Burning Moon, final film from Bruno Mattel Zombies: […]

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Ted’s Score (2012)

Readers of Toxic Graveyard have read me gush about the awesomeness of Comet Press every time I read one of their books. Ted’s Score is no different. Written by Daniel P. Coughlin (who also wrote the screenplays for horror films Lake Dead and Farmhouse), Ted’s Score is a great page turner. Ted is a serial […]

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Human Lanterns (1982)

Shaw Brothers kung fu films are my favorite. With high flying super kung fu master stunts, blood, Gordon Liu, The Venoms, they had it all. What I didn’t know up until a couple of years ago was that they didn’t just do straight up Kung Fu films, they also tried to infuse horror in to […]

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