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The Devil’s Honey (1986)

The name Lucio Fulci for many film fans is synonymous with the word gore. His name looms large over those of us who enjoy a bit of the red stuff but in recent years his non-horror films have received reappraisal. Now instead of automatically thinking about films like the New York Ripper and Zombie, he’s […]

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Cathy’s Curse (1976)

Severin Films is a distributor I always keep an eye on. They always do a fantastic job restoring the films they release and loading them up with special features. They dig deep to find funky flicks that more often than not have been forgotten by most. Canadian film Cathy’s Curse is one such film. Languishing […]

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The Survivor (1981)

I’m a sucker for exploitation cinema (or just cinema in general) from Australia. I used to watch The Road Warrior a lot as a kid (it was often on tv) and it gave me a taste for cinema from OZ.  I like to keep my peeper peeled for unique films from down under so when […]

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Turkey Shoot (1982)

I love Severin Films. They are a unique small label that is willing to take risks when it comes to their releases. Everything they release they personally love and it resonates every time they get something out. Turkey Shoot is a rare Australian flick that’s over 30 years old that doesn’t have a huge following […]

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She Killed in Ecstasy (1970)

As I’ve said before, I’m not really the right guy to be reviewing Jess Franco films. Over the course of my many years of a cult film fan I’ve watched about 10 of his 180 films.  That’s a drop in his massive cinematic bucket but then again watching 10 films from a director that I […]

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Lost Soul: The Doomed Journey of Richard Stanley’s Island of Dr. Moreau

I was a kid when the ’96 version of The Island of Dr. Moreau came out. I was excited. Here was a creepy looking flick with awesome monsters in it and Val Kilmer. It looked scary but not too scary so I would be able to go see it. My mom was excited too. We […]

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Vampyros Lesbos (1971)

Jess Franco is a divisive director. Over several decades of film making he has cultivated an incredible cult following of die hard eurosleaze fans that voraciously collect everything he has done. This is no easy feat as he has 203 directing credits according to the IMDB. I am not a Franco fanatic. I’ve seen a […]

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Bloody Moon (1981)

Jess Franco is a divisive director. Peddling smut and sleaze, he has a rabid following. A cult that has to have every release possible by him. I have never been a part of that cult. I’ve seen a handful of his films, some entertaining, some not so much. It all hinges on whether or not […]

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Patrick (1978)

Patrick is the third and final Australian horror blu-ray release from indie champs Severin films. This completes the awesome trifecta of classic Oz horror that started with Thirst and Dead Kids. Does it stack up? Patrick is about a young man that is in a vegetative state in a small clinic. He stares blankly at […]

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Dead Kids (1981)

Recently Severin has decided to release 3 of the most beloved Australian horror films from the early 80’s. They are a trifecta of awesome my review of Thirst can attest to. The second release is Dead Kids aka Strange Behavior. A seemingly generic slasher flick that has more under the hood than you might expect. […]

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