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Cathy’s Curse (1976)

Severin Films is a distributor I always keep an eye on. They always do a fantastic job restoring the films they release and loading them up with special features. They dig deep to find funky flicks that more often than not have been forgotten by most. Canadian film Cathy’s Curse is one such film. Languishing […]

The Survivor (1981)

I’m a sucker for exploitation cinema (or just cinema in general) from Australia. I used to watch The Road Warrior a lot as a kid (it was often on tv) and it gave me a taste for cinema from OZ.  I like to keep my peeper peeled for unique films from down under so when […]

She Killed in Ecstasy (1970)

As I’ve said before, I’m not really the right guy to be reviewing Jess Franco films. Over the course of my many years of a cult film fan I’ve watched about 10 of his 180 films.  That’s a drop in his massive cinematic bucket but then again watching 10 films from a director that I […]

Video Nasties: The Definitive Guide (2014)

About 10 years ago I discovered the video nasty phenomenon. Here in the states we can usually release whatever the hell we want but the blokes out in the U.K. have not had it so good. In the early 80’s as VCRs became available, distributors started pumping out all sorts of lurid covers from graphic […]

Patrick (1978)

Patrick is the third and final Australian horror blu-ray release from indie champs Severin films. This completes the awesome trifecta of classic Oz horror that started with Thirst and Dead Kids. Does it stack up? Patrick is about a young man that is in a vegetative state in a small clinic. He stares blankly at […]

Dead Kids (1981)

Recently Severin has decided to release 3 of the most beloved Australian horror films from the early 80’s. They are a trifecta of awesome my review of Thirst can attest to. The second release is Dead Kids aka Strange Behavior. A seemingly generic slasher flick that has more under the hood than you might expect. […]

Thirst (1979)

There’s a special place in my cinematic heart for Australian film. Ever since I saw The Road Warrior at a young age (and then endlessly on cable) I’ve been fascinated with the country’s output. Whenever I read an article or review about an interesting film from the land down under I usually try to track […]

The House on Straw Hill (1976)

I really appreciate labels that dig deep to find funky flicks for us cinephiles to enjoy. I’m tired of the constant stream of re-releases and re-packing of the same old films. I got into film to discover the hidden and obscure, turning over rocks, digging into old video stores. It’s quite easy for a company […]

Days of the Dead Horror Convention L.A.

Check out our video of the Days of the Dead Horror Convention in L.A.!